Review: NARS Sweet Disposition Mini Multiple Set


The Set

NARS Sweet Disposition Set

NARS Sweet Disposition Set

Retails for $40 USD and contains 0.14 oz/4g of product per Mini Multiple. In comparison to the original sized Multiples, which are $39 USD for 0.50 oz., which is a HUGE amount. If you want more than one colour to test out, or are overwhelmed by that much of the same product, this set would suit your needs.
Note: I purchased mine in Canada where the price difference between NARS USA and NARS Canada vary far beyond that of the exchange rate.

The colours included would look great on a variety of skin tones, I’m an NC42, (or in NARS terms, Syracuse or Tahoe depending on the time of year), and all of the colours show up well on me.

  • Luxor is as an iridescent baby pink with a frost finish that works well as a highlight.
  • Orgasm is NARS iconic colour, is described as “peachy pink with shimmer” and in my opinion, creates a “naturally fabulous” glow on the cheeks.
  • Malibu is a “pinkish brown” that pays off more on the brown side and has very very little shimmer.

The Product

NARS Multiple: Orgasm

NARS Multiple: Orgasm

The NARS Multiple is described by the brand as a “multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body.”

It is extremely buildable and features colours that could be worn at day or night. However, they do feature sparkle so if you’re a fan of mattes, this gift set may not satisfy you.

I apply it using my fingertips as the sales representative recommended to me, but a brush such as MAC 188 Duo Fibre Face Brush would also work well. The product has a waxy feel to it, so as long as your brush of choice is dense enough to distribute the product you should get gorgeous results.


In Winter, it is great for dry skin because it is quite waxy so it won’t dry your cheeks out as much as a powder product would, and it has staying power! I’m convinced if i go out without setting my makeup, the cold will freeze it into place; however, since that is definitely wrong, I would highly recommend using a setting powder. When used on the eyelids, it definitely requires a primer, especially for those with oilier eyelids. On lips, I would recommend using it with some sort of lip base, primer or balm that keeps lips soft while holding pigment.

In Summer, it appears more natural than powder blush, although this is a topic of hot debate, I would say, if you have oily cheeks or eyelids, this product may not be your best bet, simply because oil mixed with a cream (even if set with an awesome setting powder or if you use a primer of any base (silicone, oil free, etc.)) may not compete with the sun well.

The Packaging

Consistent with NARS usual matte black packages, these multiples seal tightly and at 5cm tall, they’re purse-sized for quick touch ups!

The rating: B

I’d call this a must-have for any NARS addict (such as myself!) and on-the-go girl.

Multiples in Malibu, Orgasm, and Luxor

Multiples in Malibu, Orgasm, and Luxor


One thought on “Review: NARS Sweet Disposition Mini Multiple Set

  1. I have been a huge fan of Nars makeup ever since Francois Nars developed this line about 8 years ago. I have used his “The Multiple” sticks from day one and have never been disappointed. All of the shades are absolutely gorgeous, work wonderfully on ever skin color/tone, and one stick will last forever without turning bad in color, texture, or scent. My first stick of Cannes lasted almost two full years.

    I am very fair. If you are as well, I have found the following colors to work best: Cannes, Portofino, Maui, Mustique, Maldives, and Copacabana. Portofino is my personal favorite. The perfect blend of pink, mauve, and gold. A definite instant complexion booster. Intense pigment, but beautifully sheer in small doses, so you won’t end up looking like Bozo the Clown. Great for cheeks, eyes, lips…everywhere!

    My only complaint when it comes to Nars products pertains to the packaging. His packaging is gorgeous. Black, with an unusual sueded finish. You’ll just love handling his compacts. The plastic he uses, though, seems to be very brittle and prone to chipping, splintering, and breaking. The gorgeous sueded black finish only seems to last a couple of months before that bubbles up and peels off. Goes from glamorous and gorgeous to skanky looking really fast.

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